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Chasm - Jae Tyler

Song - Jae Tyler

Video - Sigurlaug Gísladóttir


"The concept and production of this video is the brain-baby of band mate/Visual Guru, Sigurlaug Gísladóttir. She had the idea to use the Photo Booth app. on my MacBook Air in order to create multiple layers of characters interacting with one another. The result is a mid-fi, static sludge that relentlessly tries to swallow each version of me's attempt to obscure myself with the last. Always thinking of a cooler thing to say than before, but fighting that inexorable maelstrom of depression and self-loathing is the trade mark of my generation of artists, i think. All the more pointless does it seem to try and project your art onto the void we call "pop culture", which has met it's own event horizon of reconstituted trend and ephemera. This song and video reflect the necessary desire to put up a fight against your worst self, despite the often stronger desire to just eeeeease into the slipstream of meaninglessness... A.K.A the Chasm" - Jae Tyler 

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